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Microsoft Windows 10: Power User Course

Microsoft Windows 10: Power User Course


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With Windows 10 just being released, students that can obtain these certifications will have a considerable advantage in the marketplace as companies start to migrate over to Microsoft's new OS. Microsoft is expecting to put Windows 10 on over a billion devices. Windows 10 contains many new features that have revolutionized Microsoft's platform. The start button is back, more security has been added, a new browser has been integrated and Microsoft has even added their voice based personal assistant, Cortana. This ITU course bundle includes two courses that will allow students to master Windows 10. The first course is a Microsoft Windows 10 Power User course, which will teach students the most efficient uses of the Windows 10 platform. This will give students a considerable advantage over those that are using Windows 10 without any training.

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22 Hours 13 Minutes


66 Course Videos


39 Test Questions